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Wednesday 22 July 2009

Lack of Posts

Sorry I haven't been posting much during the last week, felt under the weather due to a cold which has left an irritating cough. With all the reports of Swine Flu I feel that peeps are looking at me when I have a coughing attack. Doctor has given me antibiotics which should clear up my cough in a few days.
To add to this, I can't find where I left My Mojo. I have lots of new things to play with but can't seem to decide what to do.
I have kept up with all your Blog's even though I haven't always left a comment. You all inspire me with your lovely work so I am hoping that in a few days I will be back to 'normal'
Hugs to you all and thanks for your comments which are truly appreciated.


Beryl K said...

Sorry to hear you are not well Christine, your mojo will probably come back when you are feeling better, which I hope happens soon.
Beryl x

coldwaters2 said...

Aw Christine sorry to hear that you are not well I hope it gets better soon and I agree with Beryl once you start feeling better your mojo will come running back.

Lorraine x

Beth said...

Hi Christine, I've not been around much either, just so hectic here at home these days!

I hope you are feeling better and I hope your mojo comes back soon. I love your creations and am looking forward to seeing some soon!


lisa said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather Christine. There are so many colds around at the moment (not Swine flu!!!!) but I know exactly what you mean, as soon as you blow your nose the whole street looks round!!! Hope you're feeling better soon and that wayward mojo returns.
Take care


Dragon said...

Sorry to hear you have not been too good, honey. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog today - always love to find you still supporting me you know!!!

Debbie Dolphin said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather.hope you are feeling better soon christine xxx

Chrissie said...

So sorry to hear you've been 'under the weather' Christine, I do hope you start to feel better very soon.

Sheila said...

Aww Christine I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been well.
Perhaps some new Promarkers will bring back your mojo......lol!!!
They were at the Hobby Craft at Bridgemere but I bet they will have them at Tamworth.......You could ring to check before making a journey though. There were four sets....Cool Greys, Pastels, Skin and some that looked like Primary colours.
Hope they are what you want.

Ali Dantre said...

Hi Christine. sorry to hear you have not been well hun. I have been a very bad blogger. I will email you poppet & explain.

hope you feel like creating something soon!x